Try And Lilly Swot Analysis

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Try and Lilly is a hat manufacturing company that has a long history in its industry, it has been following an integrated strategy between cost and differentiation (Porter, 1985) where it offers to its customers good quality products with good prices backed up by its long experience that can help it to achieve a balance between quality and cost. The SWOT analysis of a company helps to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; it assesses the internal environment of the company as well as its external environment, for Try and Lilly its strengths are long history in hat manufacturing industry, the good quality and prices that it offers, its weaknesses are weak control and planning and scheduling of production, lack of training for staff, lack of coordination and cooperation of work between departments and unawareness of the factory’s capacity, the threats that can influence Try and Lilly are the takeover of competitors over the company’s

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