Symbolism In Animal Farm

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In the allegory “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell and published on 17th August 1945, there are a number of animals who take over a farm from a drunk, irresponsible man named Mr Jones. These animals are all specifically made to represent different people and their characteristics who played a role during the revolution in Russia, for example, how Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky are represented as two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball. There is also a stubborn donkey named Benjamin who doesn 't want to be a part of the rebellion, he represents the people who refused to get involved in politics. These animals show the truth of what the revolutions were like and how people behaved. Napoleon Joseph Stalin the great leader of the soviet union is portrayed in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” as a selfish, controlling pig named Napoleon, who was one of the leaders of the other animals who represent the working class people. You can see that Napoleon represents Stalin many times in the book Such as when Napoleon tries to change the commandments so that they would suit him better, for example, how commandment number 4 states that “ No animal shall sleep in a bed”. He was soon caught sleeping in a bed and confronted by the others …show more content…

You can see that snowball is based on Leon Trotsky because he is smart, passionate, fluent, and less subtle and devious than Napoleon. Snowball seems to win the loyalty of the other animals and build his power. Snowball is chased off of the farm by napoleon’s dogs which represents the KGB and Napoleon covers it up by saying that he left. Snowball also tries to build a windmill which represents industrialisation and was banished from the farm, this relates to how Leon trotsky tried to industrialise Russia and was banished from

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