Symbolism In Basilly Tales

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Aboard the MS Odyssius, boat scavengers, ULA MARQUEZ (40’S), her assistant NED (30), and BASIL (60’s) search for artifacts in the ocean. Basil is fascinated with a mariner’s astrolabe, but it’s missing its alidade. They excavate a 25-foot Gold Statue; it’s the statue of POSEIDON. They have a difficult time maneuvering the relic when the rig snaps and the statue plunges back into the sea. In historic New Castle, Delaware, at Carter’s Antique Shop, employee GENE (30, Black) reads a mythology book. The owner HAL CARTER (30’s) is a man who has lived a life of squandered possibilities. He’s surprised to see Basil. Basil shows Hal the astrolabe that was found in a shipwreck. Basil tells Hal he believes Hal’s father knew where the missing alidade was, but died before he could locate it. Basil wants his father’s notes and maps. Hal doesn’t know where they are. Hal secretly leaves money for HOLLY and their young daughter, ELLA, but Holly wants nothing to do with him. Later, Hal finds his father’s notebook and an article written by his father about the lost city of Atlantis. Ula and Ned awaken Hal. They have guns and…show more content…
On the journey they bond, but Gene comes to believe that the closer they get to the shipwreck, the more dangerous it becomes. Gene is convinced the relics are cursed. He wants them to stop and go back, but Hal can’t. Hal dives and finds the shipwreck and eventually finds the alidade. A storm and heavy waves knocks his boat around, plunging Gene into the ocean. Hal saves Gene, but the boat sink. Ula and Ned rescue them, but Hal is shocked to see Basil. Basil lied to him. Basil owns Odyssius. He works with Ula. They tricked Hal into finding the relic for them. Now they want it back, but Hal has hidden the astrolabe. Hal refuses to tell them the location. For Hal, the search is over. They shoot Gene in the leg and Hal is finally forced to reveal where he hid
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