TT2 Task 1: Integration Design Analysis

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TAT2 Task 1: Integration Design
This unit is a seven day introductory mathematics unit on the International System of Units (SI), also known as the metric system. This unit of instruction is geared for fifth grade students. Please see the various sections below for more details on my unit.

Instructional Goal Fifth grade students will be able to utilize appropriate tools and labeling units when measuring for metric length, mass, and volume.

Instructional Objectives The following is a list of instructional objectives used in this unit plan:
Given an object to be measured, students will choose the appropriate SI unit and prefix 90% of the time.
Given an empty chart, students will be able to list the six basic SI prefixes in order with 90% …show more content…

SES is a Department of Defense Dependent School (DoDDS) located on Smith Barracks Army Post in Baumholder, Germany. It is one of one hundred sixty-six schools run by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). The school serves military dependent children in grades Pre-K through fifth grade. The school has a current population of 456 students, however this is a highly transient community with student population fluctuating on a weekly basis. There are currently fifty-five fifth grade students (twenty-seven girls and twenty-eight boys) at SES split between two classroom teachers. The students range in age from ten to eleven years old. All students have an affiliation with the US military and have experienced multiple moves including transitions to new schools.

Instructional Sequence This introductory mathematics unit on the metric system is comprised of seven lessons that should take approximately eleven hours of instruction and practice to complete. Each lesson includes pre-instructional strategies, content presentation, learner participation, an assessment, and follow through activities.

Instructional Theories and

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