Talent Management Research Paper

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Title of the paper: A Study on Talent Management Practices and Its Impact on Employee Satisfaction with Special Reference to Academicians
Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to investigate the extent to which academic institutions practices talent management and how the sub variables of talent management impact the employee satisfaction.

Research Design and Method: The researcher used both quantitative and qualitative methodology; Data was collected through structured interviews and questionnaires with a Sample size of 100 academicians. Institutes were selected by using Stratified Random Sampling method. The independent variables of talent management practices include Attract and Recruit, Develop, Engage and Retaining talent. Employee
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20 were rejected due to incomplete information and the remaining 100 responses have been tabulated and analyzed. Institutes were selected by using Stratified Random Sampling method. The questionnaire was framed in such a way that the answers of the respondents reflect clear ideas and thoughts. The scales used to evaluate questions are Likert 5 point scale. To study the relationship between TM and employee satisfaction the independent variables of talent management include Attract and Recruit, Develop, Engage and retaining talent. Employee Satisfaction as a dependent variable comprises a parameters, i.e. Work Engagement, Compensation & Benefits, Growth & Learning Opportunity, Relationship management and Work place…show more content…
The above mentioned table indicates that all the talent management sub variables (Attract and recruit (r=0.62, p ≤ .01), career development (r=0.70, p ≤ .01) and work engagement (r=0.78, p ≤ .01).) are found to be highly significant and positively related to employee satisfaction.

Talent Management had a significant relationship with employee satisfaction. So it implies that once an organization is managing its talent, then there will be a increased level of employee satisfaction.

9.2.2. Regression Analysis
To analyze the relationship between variables (independent and dependent) a regression analysis was undertaken. Moreover regression analysis is used to make a decision whether to accept or reject the hypothesis. In order to accept such hypothesis, the significant value should be between 0.01 and 0.05 confidence intervals.

Table 5: Regression analysis

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