Tales Of Bullying Research Paper

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Every Year over 1 million students get bullied. The reason why kids get bullied is because they aren’t like the others or have been mean to others in the past. That’s how bullies become bullies. A bully is worse than a bystandered because a bully is the one who is going to have to take the blame for all things that happen to the person that was bullied. Also would have a lot of guilt on their shoulders. To begin with, over 1 million students get bullied every year. The reason why students get bullied is because their different. Students think that if other students don’t have the same looks as them or don’t have very nice stuff their not pretty or handsome. Even some kids bully because when they think that the other student aren’t good enough they bully them. Also if a student has problems then they bully them…show more content…
If students don’t have someone to take after and be a good light for them that might lead to being a bully. Madigan Laura, from Tales of Bullying It is my belief that the reason why students would be a bully is because they keep feeling like people aren’t like everyone else so they go and bully the ones who are not like them. If you feel like people aren’t like you then you will go bully those people. For instants, you will be a bully to feel cool or try and fit in with the cool popular kids. Being a bully is worse than being a bystander. As a result, trying to be like others so u can fit in with the popular cool kids is not cool. After all, a bully would be worse than a bystander because a bully would have to all the blame for all things the person did to themselves or others. So being a bully is worse than a bystander because you are starting everything and the one being mean. So don’t be a bully because one it’s not nice to be mean to people and also it could come back at you and be done to you. What will you do to stop
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