Tamir Rice Case Study

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How would you feel if your child waa killed while playing in the park with a toy gun ? November 23, 2014 Tamir Rice another young African American male was killed by the police just like all the others killed by the police. In this case there are many ways to show that the case was unjustified. In the case there is a video on youtube and the internet named " Tamir Rice 's Shooting " showing that the policemen shooting Tamir and handcuffing his sister so she couldn 't get to him. Also shows the police officer ignorimg proper procedure and showing them pull up recklessly and shooting Tamir. Some felt as if this case was justified others felt it was not. This case was unjustified because it was an racial crime , officer ignored proper procedure however; the only threat was being a 12 year old with a toy gun.

Thus case was a racial crime because of how he was identified …show more content…

The police car had not been fully stopped when they had shot Tamir the police was reading a complete stop.In the article "The execution of Tamir Rice " by Sutton J Brandon , the Police Foundation states "Policemen shpuld have been more trained when dealing with some one who may be armed." Also stating that "if they where to do thag and that person was actually armed it would have been very dangerous." In the "Tamir Rice Shooting" video you can see the police officers are "recklessly driving up to the scene"then you can see the officer "is halfway out of the car and shooting Tamir". The police didnt give Tamir any warning as to "putting hus hands up or dropping his weapon". The 2 officers just pulled up and had shot Tamir leaving him laying on the ground severely injured from a bullet and leaving his sisterleft in the police car handcuffed crying. Also other reasons his case was unjustufied because the only threat was being a 12 year old with a toy gun and the dispatcher not giving full

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