Target's Marketing Strategy

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Target is a retail business; the first store was opened in 1962 in Minneapolis. They provide a one stop shopping experience, selling everything from clothing and shoes to food and beverages. They are a superstore they sell pretty much anything you need. Target runs for a profit. The company goal for target runs off of their brand promise “Expect more. Pay less” Target works to make their shopping centers the preferred shopping destination for any and all. They strive to deliver outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional experiences consistently. Target is a global company; they have stores all over the world with headquarters in the United States, and in India. They operate on a day-to-day schedule most stores are open about …show more content…

They have a high-style brand but continue to keep low prices, which helps attract shoppers who wouldn’t normally shop at a discount retailer. Target has tons of commercial’s that are playing on television all through out the year, and then special ads for special holidays. One of my favorites is their Christmas commercial with a little girl who is playing with toys and drinking hot coco. The commercial has a catchy jingle that got me to sing along every time I heard it. Target makes their commercials very bright and active. Target also has ads in the weekly newspaper and when you walk into their store you can pick up their mini paper that is full of all the weekly discounts and coupons that are available. Targets marketing campaign isn’t focusing on trying to sell customers anything, they’re working on sharing the story of the brands commitment to communities, school and the earth. Since 1946 Target has given 5 percent of their profits to communities, which adds up to about $4 million dollars a …show more content…

Any time I see a target commercial with a new fall sweater or some new product they are carrying I love to go check it out. I was also very excited about a year ago when Target decided to bring in a line called Lilly Pulitzer to the store, although it was only in the store for about 5 minutes before it was completely sold out the line had lots of commercials promoting it and there was a line out the door at ever target with girls waiting to purchase something from the usually very expensive brand. The store has not brought back the very popular line since but I do believe that was a great day for the store, the whole line sold out nation wide with in about 2 hours, which is crazy

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