Teachers Roles: Teachers And The Role Of Teachers

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ROLE OF TEACHERS AS FACILITATORS AND MENTORS. Dr Pooja Ramchandani, Assistant Professor At HR College.  INTRODUCTION : The role of teacher is changing due smart and active learning methodologies. Nowadays, teachers act as a facilitator in learning. Due to innovations in education, teaching and learning are being modified . Today, their role as educators in the 21st century has evolved and they are no longer the source of all knowledge in the classroom; rather they are the educators that inspire the students to take ownership in their own learning. Teachers now help to provide opportunities for students to learn key concepts and discover the various tools that they need for learning so that they can become life long learners. In the 21st century, teachers are the facilitators for learning as they not only impart knowledge to students but also engage, lead, inspire and encourage the students in classrooms to be actively involved in the learning process. Teachers as facilitators should help to develop a learning environment that is relevant and reflective of their students various social, cultural and linguistic experiences. They now act as guides, mediators, consultants, instructors and advocates for students in order to help them to effectively connect their cultural as well as community based knowledge to classroom learning experiences. As early growing years in a child’s life are most crucial, it is very important to be guided by a mentor who understands and guides

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