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Mention the principles of teaching a foreign language. What are the justifications for them?
Upon my reading, this essay discusses the principles of teaching a foreign language. In my point of view, a foreign language is a language which is used in another country by a huge group of people who have the same cultural aspects, for example, English is a foreign language for Egyptian people. To learn a foreign language there are some essential elements have to be taken into account including materials (text) and teaching (educator) when these elements mixed together the motivation for the learner will be strengthened. Each of the mentioned elements has principles which are explored in this essay. A principle is defined as "A fundamental truth or
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2. Situational Approach:
The situational approach was developed by British applied linguists. It had a great effect on language teaching. It is distinguished because of its emphasis on the teaching structures in situations.
The objectives of the Situational approach involve learning should be fun and enjoyable, real life situations are the best learning experience and focusing on accuracy and structure. The main objective of this approach is to command the four skills of the language.
Furthermore, the advantages of this approach are: motivating the student through the combination of the four skills practice. Also, it still attracts practical teachers.
In contrast, the situational approach doesn 't consider the creativity and uniqueness of individual sentences; the child doesn 't acquire his L1 through
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3. Notional Approach:
The definition of Notional Approach is briefly outlined as the usage of a creative language through real life situations to achieve the communicative purpose of the language.
This approach has many advantages such as: motivating the learner to use real-life language to express their own ideas and other communicative purposes. Notional approach became the most suitable and applicable approach for all courses and learners with special linguistic purposes.
• Relevance of Material:
The relevance of material is an essential principle which must be taken into account at all times. Because selecting and grading aren 't sufficient in case of the given text isn 't appeal learners ' needs and cultures. For example it doesn 't make sense to teach a group of teenagers about "Cooking" they would find it boring and irrelevant to their needs while it might suit another group of housewives. Another essential point which comes under the umbrella of relevance is personalization which means according to the British Council "Personalization happens when activities allow students to use language to express their own ideas, feelings, preferences and opinions. Personalization is an important part of the communicative approach, since it involves true communication, as learners communicate real information about themselves."

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