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Foreign language learners generally observe vocabulary learning as their first primacy report they includes momentous difficulty in vocabulary learning is broadly recognized by language teachers and repeatedly pointed out in various learning contexts. Although vocabulary teaching and learning has suffered neglect for a long time, owing to the advances in the linguistic investigation of the lexicon, psycholinguistic study into the mental lexicon, and the popularity of the communicative approach since the 1970s, we have seen a re-think of the role of vocabulary in language pedagogy. Over the past two decades, a substantial range of research concerning vocabulary acquisition has provided us with valuable
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Relate below grade level trade books to content area topics. Another suggestion to develop vocabulary of struggling readers is for classroom teachers is to keep available trade books written below grade level that are topically related to areas under study.
4. Use contextual-based approaches. Teachers working with low-level readers achieved success when they highlighted key vocabulary terms during content area reading and illustrated how words can be used in different contexts .Learning vocabulary in context is an approach considering the “morphological, syntactic, and discourse information in a given text thereby exposing the learner to the total linguistic environment in which a word is encountered and facilitating full understanding of a word (Nation 2001).
5. Encourage independent learning by allowing students to self-select terms to be studied. Two strategies that aid in this process of student choice are the Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS) and the Personal Vocabulary Journal (PVJ) (In VSS, students work in groups to select words that are important to the content studied. With PVJ, students are asked to seek out words related to the unit under study from any sources available, including television news, the Internet, trade books, radio, textbooks, and verbal

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