Disadvantages Of Team Work

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After 5 weeks doing this project, we have learned how badly or good the technology improve our life. I have been experienced and have known more knowledge about team work and how to organize the work that the project needs. After this project, we show you how work affect to group and me.
The beginning of the project is how to choose the topic and we choose this because we think technology is an important part in our life. It improves the quality of human life including education and medical. We start this project very fast and we done it very quickly and we have some problem with the creating plan each weeks, this problem have been solve by our team. Look to our work for each week we could see working in weeks 3 and 4 is the hardest because
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I could learn more if you give us more project and time to do this we could learn more things about the worldwide. We have the advantages and disadvantages of our work like in advantages we have doing work like almost on time for each lesson in ICT lab and we can use those time to talk, prepare and handle our project quickly and also the beautiful poster that we have create for educate other teenagers about technology . Beside that we also have the disadvantages like can’t communicate in home because some people in our group have busy to their study at home or going out with their family, we also have problem with our evidence because our topic Is quite hard to find evidence for each view. We have known more idea of student in Australia and England through our questionnaire and they think differently from each other. Therefore for each culture and country in the world they have the different idea of using technology and we should learn their progress to using technology in the most effective ways. We could have better if they give us more answer and information in their
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