Teen Pregnancy Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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It seems like every time my little brother gets home from school, I hear about students getting caught vaping and smoking in the bathrooms, in the student parking lot and other places. I also hear about how someone is pregnant, and I find that vaping, pregnancy, and drinking are major issues among other things. Most of these problems come from uninvolved parents in their teenager’s life. Teens’ who are unsupervised tend to make wrong and dangerous decisions and that results in Teen drug use, Drinking, Pregnancy. Teens brains aren’t fully developed, so when the teen makes the “choice” to use drugs, drink, or have sex they think they know what they are doing, but they don’t because the brain isn’t developed enough to make such choices so thinking you know what your doing and it’s you’re choice it isn’t because really you have no clue of …show more content…

I always make the comment about I don’t understand how hard it is to keep your legs closed and I don’t understand how boys can’t just to stay away from girls for lustful reason, but then again, I guess not everyone is me, a homeschool student is basically a hermit and would rather stay home then go out. So, teens are more prone to listen to their hormones rather than listen to reason and understand that “Hey I’m too young and don’t have the brain capacity to be making this choice and this isn’t a good idea.” And teens having unprotected sex results in many things including teen pregnancy. “Parenting strategies differed by the gender of the child; however, the influence of parenting strategies on teenage pregnancy was similar for male and female youth. In contrast to authoritative parenting, which combines high levels of parental support with parental control, authoritarian and disengaged parenting styles were associated with a higher odd of pregnancy by age 19 among both females and

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