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In my sophomore year of high school, my English teacher assigned the class to a read a novel of our choice and report back what we liked most about it. My choice was Ethan Frome and I read the book repeatedly just so I could connect back to the characters and the setting of the novel. When I completed my sophomore year in high school, I discovered my passion for literature and the genres that accompanied it. I always knew that undergraduate studies would be my chance to grow more with my new found interest. .After high school I attended Mississippi Valley State University, a Historically Black University, where I majored in English and graduated with honors. Now, I am ready to continue on this scholarly journey by attending Texas Southern University. My interest in Texas Southern comes from my admiration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the location of the university and the reputation of Master of…show more content…
I’m originally from Chicago, IL but I’ve always fancied myself to be a southerner transplant that grew up in the Windy City. My interest in Historical Black Colleges and Universities has always been strong but that interest reached a fever pitch as my high school graduation date was soon approaching. I was fortunate enough to take part in a Historical Black Colleges and Universities College Tour and visit campuses across the United States. I loved each and every school that we visited especially, the SWAC schools. There was always something about the atmosphere at a HBCU. I decided at that point I would continue my education at a SWAC institution. My first HBCU home was Mississippi Valley State University and I was always taken care of. From my past undergraduate experience, I decided that I wanted to continue my graduate studies at another HBCU. The pride, love, and togetherness can only be offered at a HBCU and I felt that Texas Southern was the right place for

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