The Butterfly Effect In Ray Bradbury's Smart House

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“Ray Bradbury’s writing danced along the boundaries between mystery, sci-fi, horror and fantasy”. (Brin 1) Ray Bradbury is an Author, famous for his science fiction short stories and novels. Many of his ideas influenced the stories of Hollywood. His short story “The Veldt” is similar to that of the movie “Smart house”. His idea of childhood not being completely innocent that he establishes in “The Small Assassin” can be seen in many horror films both past and present. The ‘butterfly effect’ that Bradbury uses in his short story “The Sound of Thunder” was used in the Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day. “The Veldt” is very similar to the Disney movie “Smart House”. While these stories are not exactly the same the houses and main idea of the stories are alike. “The Veldt” is …show more content…

Bradbury establishes this idea in “A Sound of Thunder”. In the story Eckles gets the warning that if he were to “Step on a mouse” he could “crush the Pyramids” and “leave an Eternity dent the size of the Grand Canyon.” If you kill one tiny creature before its time to die then it will change all of its descendants and all of the events that are related to those descendants. In the end Eckles steps on a butterfly which alters the outcome of an election. The idea of time travel and what would happen if events in the past are changed is a pretty popular idea. This is seen in the Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day” when Rose and The Doctor go back to the day that Rose’s father died. Rose ends up saving him and creating an error in the events of time. Because of this her and The Doctor have to fight off reapers who come back to fix the mistake. The only way that they are able to get time back to the way it should be and defeat the reapers is for her father to throw himself into the car that was meant to kill

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