The Cause And Effects Of Smoking

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Smoking seem simple, but they have a major effect on people. Some people really don’t know how bad tobacco for your body. A cigarette have more than 7,000 chemicals. More than 480,000 people die from tobacco use and second hand smoke. About 70 chemicals can cause cancer. Things like toxic metals and poison gases are in the tobacco. According to the main idea about this subject is the effect of smoking are serious. It can harm nearly every organ of the body. Smoking can affect the bones and cause disease. When you smoke, you put yourself at risk for loss of bone mass and major disease. Smoking less the amount of calcium the bones can take. The less calcium the weaker the bones and being to facture easily. The bones when heal slower than before and break easier. Another fact, is that smoking affect the heart and blood vessels. The chemicals in the tobacco can harm blood cells. The damage increases the risk of major health issues. The heart begin to build up plague and cause multi-risk of heart diseases. Any amount of smoking can cause the heart and blood vessels to be damage. Also, smoking can affect the lungs and breathing. Lung cancer is the most common cancer caused by smoking tobacco. Smoking is major risk of triggers of asthma in the human body. Smoking cause the normal lungs to break down. Smoking tobacco can cause your vision to be lost. Who would want loss their vision for a cigarettes. Why not quit if tobacco cause so many health problems. You taking
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