Frankenstein Chapter 3 Analysis

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The book was written by Mary Shelley in 1816 and was published in 1818, the time where science did not exist and people who indulged themselves in innovation and the progress of nature were called natural philosophers. The influence on the author was brought by the times she was living in as science was getting through a second birth after alchemists who deemed to be the greatest people who knew many things and tried to create gold out of the stone and explored the possibilities of creating eternal life through a philosopher’s stone. In the year 1816, Mary started to write her bestseller that would be relevant even 200 years after this masterpiece was created because the story is about innovation of science and what can happen when people go …show more content…

When talking about Frankenstein people always remember the monster and they think that the name of the monster is Frankenstein although they are not wrong, the character that pops in their mind is the Monster itself rather than Dr. Frankenstein who created it. Chapter 3 starts with a joyous news of Victor 's departure to the University of Ingolstadt where he would learn more of the world and will become a great man but he must delay his departure due to his Elizabeth 's illness, she caught scarlet fever and was in a serious condition so the departure date was changed and how Victor himself portrays this situation “the first misfortune of my life occurred--an omen, as it were, of my future misery.” (Victor) pg15. We as readers understand that the story is told by Victor himself on his deathbed and we understand that the words he used in this particular situation are his regret and his complete inability to …show more content…

He wanted to become the first human being to create life and he was deeply engrossed in learning ways of life. The factors that have influenced his obsession with that were the death of his mother, the meeting with M. Krampe that destroyed his understand of science and Professor Waldman that gave him the knowledge and the means to create the monster. The birth of a monster is the factors and situations placed together with the knowledge and one person’s passion turned in to addiction that created the monster in the face of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Many might disagree with the idea that Victor is the monster, many will sympathize with a scientist curiosity and his passion to create a life but the point of this analysis is to show that some factors in life, knowledge, and passion can turn anyone in to a monster that might destroy the world, in this case, Victor destroyed his own world with his

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