The Creation Of The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The book was written by Mary Shelley in 1816 and was published in 1818, the time where science did not exist and people who indulged themselves in innovation and the progress of nature were called natural philosophers. The influence on the author was brought by the times she was living in as science was getting through a second birth after alchemists who deemed to be the greatest people who knew many things and tried to create gold out of the stone and explored the possibilities of creating eternal life through a philosopher’s stone. In the year 1816, Mary started to write her bestseller that would be relevant even 200 years after this masterpiece was created because the story is about innovation of science and what can happen when people go too far with it. (Brogan, Jacob). In this literature analysis, we will focus on the scene from the 3rd chapter and what made Victor choose to do what he has done. How can we understand and sympathize with the situation Victor faced for creating the monster? The analysis will focus on an argument around the 3rd chapter and how situations in the book are relevant in today’s world, another point we will look at is the factors that played the role in making Victor create the monster, what has happened in his life for him to get to the point where he became monster himself. When talking about Frankenstein people always remember the monster and they think that the name of the monster is Frankenstein although they are not wrong, the character
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