The Dangers Of Texting And Driving: A Genre

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So the dangers of texting and driving can be quite dire. My personal opinion is that texting and driving is bad, it 's illegal, deadly, and, distracting. Many states have made it illegal to text, call and drive. Its deadly, nearly 44,803 fatal crashes involved drivers ages 20 and over. Nearly 4,322 fatal crashes involving teen drivers. It’s distracting because if you’re driving your not paying attention and if your their phone goes off the driver may look at it for a split second. Then in an instant the driver could hit another car and then get seriously injured. Due to the fact when people are texting, calling or doing something on their phone they are breaking the law. The U.S. Department of Transportation are finding people…show more content…
They must know what can happen to them right well. Teenagers are the ones who mostly get into deadly crashes it 's also very risky to just look away for a split second the driver could go into a head on collision, with another car. The statistics show that they mostly happen at night because younger people think that there is no one else on the road. Also in 1999 there were 6,368 deadly car accidents involving teen drivers and 45% of them happened at night. “But now people in 2008 the overall number dropped and 4,322 fatal crashes involved teen drivers but this time 50% of them were at night. Another statistic shows that in 2008 there were 44,803 fatal crashes with drivers 20 and over 42% happened at…show more content…
Because if you text and drive with your kids in the car it may make them think but texting while driving can be good if you need the GPS. It is easy access to your phone but dont do it while driving let the passenger do the GPS to your destination. But there are only few reasons that you should be on your phone while driving. In conclusion instead of being on your phone the driver and the passenger could be paying attention to the road. But those were the reasons that no one should text and drive even calling someone is dangerous. First it’s illegal so don 't do it or the driver and the passengers could get hurt. Secondly its deadly if getting injured isn 't bad enough you could get killed. Last its distracting even the passengers can distract the driver as well as the driver to his or

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