The Empire Of Fashion Essay

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Forecasting has gained a new dynamic. It is impossible that it “falls out of fashion” because its own nature represents change. Nowadays, trends have proliferated because the concept of fashion has evolved: it accepts and embraces uniqueness and self-expression from everywhere and every source.
Fashion is a human concept and it’s because of its human condition that it evolves with time, just like men. It’s not static nor exclusive to what happens in its environment and a clear demonstration can be sought through history, not only in what concerns to design and business structure, but also to the involvement of its position in the daily life.
The first transformation was made by Charles F. Worth. He was the first of many to make an important development in fashion as it was: he took the first step towards Haute Couture as a business, changing the usual interaction between client and coutourier of his era. For the first time, clients of high society were approaching the coutourier, they weren’t pushed by him to buy dresses but they pulled him to assist them. They came to him because of his designs and his advice, his service of presenting his dresses on models to be seen and not just for the mere fact of constructing a garment. He was more than another tailor because he had influence and was the
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None of them judged or perceived as an error. She also says that nothing in fashion is a hundred percent new or unique. Everything has been invented, it’s traditional and it’s still used in today’s fashion like dresses, jeans or t-shirts that are modified or adapted to accomplish the designers new proposal. Here lays the modern idea of constructing and deconstructing what already exists, giving it another

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