The Five Finger Of Global Destruction Analysis

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“The Five Fingers of Global Destruction” A short satirical screenplay by L. Saracini Copyright © 2014 By L. Saracini Synopsis: Two friends, Mr. Donoti and Mr. Noel, have an appointment to meet for a drink in a bar somewhere on the northern hemisphere during the month of July. Mr. Donoti is first to arrive. He is sitting in a typical local bar holding a glass and a cigarette and waits for his close friend Mr. Noel to arrive. Although it is summer, outside is pouring with rain and it feels cold. Dark clouds have covered the city. Watching the weather storm outside, Mr. Donoti knows this is only the start of something much worse, but his thoughts are disrupted by the arrival of Mr Noel. Following a discussion with Mr. Donoti while having a…show more content…
On top of it, your wife and my dear school friend will be calling me in the middle of the night accusing me of conning you. Anyway… Listen. Mr. Donoti takes a sip from his drink, while Mr Noel shakes his head. Mr. DONOTI: I will present to you the problem with Global Warming in several parts very simply. Now, some consequences of Global Warming are explained as if everything is bad, but that it is not the case, and it could only be bad for some people, it is just the final result that is bad for all, i.e. the end. So don’t worry man, keep enjoying, for a while that is. I will explain the Global Warming problem to you in only five parts Mr. Donoti lifts and shows his hand with extended fingers. (Visual effects in the background show the written textbox of the five points as fingers are lifted and this is connected by a line from the finger to the textbox.) Mr. DONOTI: 1. Extreme weather 2. Raising sea level 3. How heat is trapped 4. Phytoplankton 5. Final consequence: Ocean Currents and Oxygen - Death How simple, you will be able to understand everything in only five simple parts for the entire

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