The History Of Fashion In The 1950's

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The decade I have chosen for my research paper are the 1950 's. The 1950´s are full of fun and a very big time for everyone who lived in this decade. A lot happened in this short time period. Everyone had such good style in this decade. Fashion was very important. Another thing that was important was politics, the politics of the 1950’s helped shaped the 1960’s. The 1950s is a decade best known for its politics, fashion, and some of the best cars. The fashion was one of the biggest deal in the 1950 's. Most women wore blouses, blouses were very popular in this decade. They were very femininity. Blouses were often very soft as well. Dresses were very big in the 1950´s, dresses tended to be very slim and fitting. The formal dresses were very romantic and soft. Even though dresses were mostly worn, women also wore shorts or slacks to casual events. Another clothing item that was very popular was the poodle skirt. According to Rich ¨This look was most associated with the fifties.¨ Women in this decade also wore suits. The suits gave the women and men more style like people today. Men got to choose between these color of suits for work, dark brown, dark blue,and charcoal. Men and women also often wore hats. There was a endless amount of color and material. Most of the time hats were a necessity. Women have always loved shoes, stiletto heels were very popular in the 1950 's. For undergarments women and teens often wore girdles and petticoats, they were very uncomfortable. Teens

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