How Did Imperialism Affect India

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The term “jewel in the crown” is like the meaning of cream of the crop. The best you can get. That 's what India was to Europe. One of there most valuable colonies. By 1707 the Mughal Empire was collapsing, small states were breaking away from Mughal power. In 1757 the East India Company took over the Mughals territory by the battle of Plassey. After this the East India Company was the biggest power in India and the area grew over time. This imperialism by the British wasn 't all bad for India though. For India 's political and economic standpoint, imperialism helped improve there government, travel, and trade. Except for the social aspect. Imperialism hurt India more than help. They helped because they help fight off more diseases for Indians to lower the death rate from disease, but they raised the famine and hunger deaths by a lot. I think imperialism was good for India for almost all aspects. The British built railroads …show more content…

Although the British let wealthy young Indian men study at European colleges, that did not apply to everyone (P 23). Because Britain was taking almost all India jobs, most were poor and had low literacy rates (Doc 9). This is important because once Britain came to India, the highest literacy rates were 16%, but once they left the literacy rates quadrupled in about the same time it took to get 16% average literacy rate (Doc 9). But while the British were here they helped India 's health and life expectancy rate (P 27). Actually, while the British were here they raised the famine deaths by a lot . Before the British were there the famine death were little but once Britain came, the famines was raised by more than 2 times what it was and that accumulated to 58.73 million deaths (Doc 11). So with Britain came to India, they helped with fighting off diseases, but they dramatically raised there famines wiched caused millions of

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