The Importance Of Bilingualism In Education

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The ever-evolving world leads learners, educators, school administrators, scholars and everyone involved in education; to deal with a series of complex issues which enable them to face 21st century demands. Immigration, pursuit of job and education abroad, business, technology, and globalization have caused interaction among people whose speak different languages. Nowadays, there are more people on the world become bilingual than monolingual. Hence, bilingualism is worth studying than monolingualism besides it enhances the understanding of human language faculty (Myers-Scotton, 2006). Several scholars have conducted studies in relation to social motivations for bilingualism and multilingualism, cultural influence on language use, language…show more content…
Educators should strive to become aware of the linguistic values and attitudes implicit in and our classroom discourse (Sayer, 2008). By allowing students to use home languages, educators promote pride in learners’ ethnolinguistic identities and teach learners how to use their linguistic toolkit for academic content learning. It is important to consider the new millennium demands educators and learners not only becoming bilinguals but becoming biliterate. Biliterate individuals are distinguished by being advanced bilinguals who are proficient at communicating in two languages in terms of literacy skills, that is, reading and writing. Then, educators and learners need to adopt a lens which makes them recognize and build translanguging practices in today’s classrooms; in few words continua of biliteracy. The continua of biliteracy provide educators and learners with the opportunity to recognize and use linguistic and cultural diversity of classrooms, allow bringing into focus context, content, media and development of language and remind us that the only way to make sense of school language is to start from what one knows and to integrate it (Hornberger & Link, 2012; Orellana & García,

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