The Importance Of Cheating In High School And College Courses

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High school and College students’ ethics have elevated over the years and has only increased. Cheating has been a tremendous epidemic for a long period of time and recently skyrocketed because of the creation of smartphones and electronics. Students who are academically dishonest are usually in honors and advanced placement classes because they are challenged and learning a more rigorous curriculum than the other students who are in college prep courses. The reason for their actions is because of academic stress students receive on a daily basis to obtain admirable grades, so they can go to a well-known college. In the article Nurturing Ethical Collaboration, the author Alexis Brooke Redding justifies why students cheat in high school and college courses. Redding claims “Students cheat because of academic pressure of being accepted to an excellent college and the grades they need to obtain to even be considered to go to that college”(Redding 3). She justifies her claim by explaining the students who are unprepared to take an exam begin to fear of failure, so they then decide to take another way to approach this problem which is by cheating. She also states students who are academically challenged struggle more than the other kids because of the curriculum they are learning. The author claims “students who cheat in school expect they can cheat their way in life”(Redding 3). Redding states students who try to cheat their way through life subsequently end up regretting making

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