Women In Abusive Relationships

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Women and men both have equal opportunity for living and staying in equal relationships. Thus it has become essential that both the genders should give their contribution for ensuring that the relationship should be managed in effective manner. There are various reasons for which a women stays in a abusive relationship and foremost reason is fear due to which females prefers to stay and not get separated. In any abusive relationship when the partner gives threatening for killing the women or for creating harm for the life of the person (Cvitanić, Possamaï and Touzi, 2016). Domestic violence is a serious issue which is faced by women all over the globe and it is imperative that serious measures should be taken for ensuring safety and security…show more content…
If a partner is abusive than due to that he can go to any extreme level for controlling and isolating the abuse victim. One more reason is that the person who is getting abuse feels that it is normal to become victim of the abuse and thus due to that for them this type of abusive relationship feels normal. Women feels that all the intimate relationships require some form of psychological and physical violence. When they are in a relationship in which a father abuses her mother than they find it normal to get emotional and physical violence against them. Sometime when a women is having emotional and physical attachment with his partner than due to that they give preferences for staying in the abusive relationships. Sometime victims of abusive relationships associate the abuse with the cultural and religious abuse and due to that they continue suffering in the relationship and it lead towards creating the victimization of the women against the set procedures (Teixeira, Sou, Sandberg and Johansson,…show more content…
Sensitive, weak and kind heart women are targets and due to which they finds it difficult for discussing it with their friends. There are various methods that could be used by women for getting out with the relationship and one of the best approach is to take legal assistance. Advocates can be hired and then appropriate actions could be taken against the victim so that this type of abusive behaviour could be legally stopped. One more approach is for taking assistance from friends and family members so that their positive support could be taken for coming out of this abusive relationship. There are various NGO which are working for ensuring better and secure life for women and thus help can be taken from and than on the basis of that better and secure life could be gained for the women. One more approach that could be taken is legal assistance from friends and family members and thus it will aid for securing safe and secure life for the
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