Domestic Violence In Azerbaijan

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The solution of issue of domestic violence will demand more than one alternative with different tools and methods because of its complexity. Those alternatives include major areas that should be developed in Azerbaijan to fight against domestic violence more effectively and efficiently and best practices and policies of other countries which share the same problem and adopt and adapt their experiences with relevance to our social and political requirements. All possible alternative of solutions which could be keys to decrease or even stop the cases of domestic violence are suggested as following:
Raising public awareness: First and the most important step towards combating domestic violence is raising the awareness …show more content…

Thus, establishing strong and well-funded interest groups can be another alternative for the solution of this issue. These interest groups should be consist of both women and men members because in domestic violence cases there is always two side – victim who are women and violators who are men. Women should be there for other women to protect them and do actions which is the best since only women can understand women more accurately. Moreover, having men on the side of women who protect and value them is one of the way to destroy the feeling of hatred against men. Men are needed to educate other men with violent attitude towards women. Interest groups and NGO’s can help to this problem through different means. First of all, they can raise the awareness of society by holding seminars and town-hall meetings in schools, universities, and workplaces; and public speeches. Moreover, they can directly help to the victims. So that interest groups can provide hurt women both non paid legal and psychological advice. Advocates can be assigned to protect victims’ rights. Group discussions and individual sessions …show more content…

The government of Sweden established ten-year national strategy which is designed to prevent and combat domestic violence. Swedish government follow three main steps in the way of combat domestic violence: raising financial resources for implementation of action plan of the problem, establishing gender equality agency and building coordination among all levels to reach most effective and efficient strategies. These policies should be adopted according to the condition in Azerbaijan because one of the main reasons that stand behind the unresolved problem are lack of interest of government to fund for the solution of problem and lack of relevant government agencies for dealing with this

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