Personal Essay: The Indus Valley Civilization Of India

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India- a beautiful, bountiful, culturally gifted and intellectually adept country that has gradually lost its sheen over the centuries. If, as 21st centuries youngsters we are able to see and enjoy so much of this beautiful nation then what, initially, must have this country possessed to have ended up after thousands and thousands of years with so much in store for us. Being the oldest civilisation on earth The Indus Valley civilisation taught the world planning, architecture, culture and quality of life. Then what is currently the problem of our country and why are people so focussed on talking about what we fell short on.? Why are people so focussed on what we didn't do with our population and not talking about what we did with this gigantic civilisation.? Ipso facto that…show more content…
This is the same thing with open courseware. The teacher, when deprived of the presence of all his students( even though a few do sit in the classes that are being recorded) lacks the sense that more than a million people with different levels of knowledge and different levels of patience or skill are sitting and watching his videos. So, how do we add the spice to the students who are sitting a million miles away and watching the videos and learning the lessons. The ennui factor among students should be killed first. So, what do we do in our classes while listening to boring lectures but still want to have a grasp of the subject.? We discuss the same with our classmates. Talk a little, gossip a little but also clarify our doubts regarding the subject. So, how do we do that with a random set of people sitting around you in class.? This can still be done by providing a chat facility in the open courseware which can enable students who are watching the same lecture to talk and reciprocate and further.! But, how do we know that there are two people watching the same video or going to watch the same video. This is where the need for making the choice of a particular student or

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