The Importance Of Informed Consent

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Informed consent is a process by which the health care professional provides information to a patient to which a patient can make a voluntary choice to decline or receive the treatment. It is the ethical right of the patient to receive this information and to make a choice according to his or her preferences (De Bord, 2014). Informed consent is an important part in every medical professional’s career. Without this consent it could mean the end of the individual’s career. In this assignment I will be aiming to describe the importance of informed consent in the medical field. The advantages will also be discussed and also the consequences if this consent is not achieved. Informed consent is the principle of voluntary decision making. There are seven types of criteria before informed consent can be achieved. The first is the capability to decide and to understand. The second criteria is voluntary decision making, after a release of information. The next thing is the suggestion of a plan. The next criteria is for the patient to understand the terms of the treatment and then the approval of the plan. A person will give informed consent after these criteria is met (Wagner, 2015). Written informed consent is required before many procedures, such as biopsies, surgery and procedures involving catheterization. The health professional must explain the procedure including some of the risks involved and the other types of treatment that can be available. The patient must also be

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