Job Satisfaction In Nursing

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A great debate amongst scholars has been on the ability to distinctively compare job satisfaction and dissatisfaction as there are several notions and misconceptions on the subject matter of both terms represented as one being the opposite to the other. Job satisfaction describes the relativity of an individual’s commitment by motivation to his or her job while job dissatisfaction is the degree of conditioning parameters an individual associates to the job. In a bid to understanding thoroughly both terms and how they relate and how it is studied in organizational behavior, several closely related researches conducted on these topics would be explored in a bid to further understand their scope. Job satisfaction borders on the feelings
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There is the general idea that satisfied employee is inclined to be more industrious, inspired, and dedicated to their work (Syptak et al., 1999). An employee job satisfaction is an exchange of both personal factors, such as principles, character, and opportunity with employment factors such as the impression of the job situation and the job itself (Davies et al., 2006). In an investigative relationship among administrative leadership behaviors, organizational characteristics, the existence of organizational behaviors such as mutual trust, respect, warmth and rapport between the dean and the faculty member was a predictive factor in the development of nurse faculty job satisfaction in baccalaureate nursing programs of private and liberal art colleges (Kennerly, 1989). In a related domain, with limited studies regarding job satisfaction among faculty in community colleges, is essentially due to the increasing number of student enrollments thereby revealing more satisfaction in the job itself (Truell et al., 1998). The study conducted at small Liberal Arts College for Nurse Faculty through perception, shows that many factors such as involvement, coworker cohesion, supervisor support, and autonomy contribute to job satisfaction of Nurse Faculty (Doughty et al., 2002). The analysis carried out on a commercial bank in Chennai, shows that job suitability as well as the…show more content…
A look at recent college graduates capabilities and expectations with job requirements shows challenges as employers identify their own needs and attempt to find the best candidates to fit into their environment with little regard for employee’s ability to adjust to specific working conditions. This leads to dissatisfaction which may develop into frustration and lead to absenteeism, loss of productivity, and other dysfunctional manifestations all in a bid to identify clearly and quantify sources and patterns of both job satisfaction and dissatisfaction (Carvajal et al., 2002). Thus, policies consistent with a rational efficient allocation of resources should include elements reducing turnover by paying more attention to factors that a under the control of employers (Hamermesh, 2001). On the other hand, the need to identify variation by gender and ethnicity cannot be ignored as women are often faced with the choice by society to make career versus family-life decisions as well as experience more sexual harassment in comparison to their male counterparts (Laband and Lentz, 1998). Ethnic minorities in organizations encounter, more occasionally, obstacles posed by obvious racism, natural patterns tend
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