The Importance Of Learning A Second Language In Chile

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Learning a second language has become really important as the years pass because of the necessity of being communicated, and Chilean people are aware of this. Some years ago, the Education minister Joaquin Lavin announced that the new Chile’s goal is to be a bilingual country within the next 20 years. Since that declaration, many projects have started in order to develop Chilean student’s English skills, which are listening, writing, reading and speaking. The last skill mentioned is the one in which our problem is focused on. In Chile, many students have problems when they talk in English since the mother tongue interferes in the target language. In Chile, there is a huge gap when it comes to social classes which makes differences at the moment of learning a foreign language for the reason that not all of the people have the opportunity to access into programs related to the acquisition of a second language. Mastering the ability of speaking another language gives a lot of chances to succeed in different areas such as in academic issues, travelling around the world, sharing cultures, business and also maintaining the brain working. According to Muriel Saville-Troike (2006) in her book “Introducing Second Language Acquisition” some experts of the language divided it into different branches: lexicon, morphology, syntax, discourse and phonology, the last one is what the research paper is based on. Phonology is focused on the sound system and contains all its subdivisions.

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