The Importance Of Life In Medicine

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If it had not been for my unfortunate bouts with malaria and typhoid fever, as well as, my grandfather’s passing, due to complications with diabetes and heart disease, I probably would not be pursuing a career as a physician. Although these events were unpleasant and tragic, they were necessary to help me understand, firsthand, the importance of quality healthcare. Both experiences were unique, however, the commonality that existed between them was a lack of efficient treatment and quality care. Something that I noticed, specifically in regard to my grandfather, was that his doctor seemed very cold and distant. Maybe it was because he had to juggle an absurd number of patients and was being pulled in so many directions, that his mind became too overwhelmed. Perhaps it was because he was battling some serious personal issues and was unhappy, in general. Possibly it was because he felt my grandfather was old and did not have much time left anyway. No…show more content…
Following the discovery of my desire to help change lives expressly through medicine, I wondered which field would be the most exciting and suit me best. After some research, I found that, of all the medical fields, primary care piqued my interest the most because it presents a great opportunity to aid in the prevention of sickness . In addition to sick patients, primary care physicians get to see patients for well visits, allowing them to screen for health issues and risk factors before any symptoms manifest. Primary care physicians also actively guide their patients to make health-related decisions by checking their medications and providing advice on family planning, smoking cessation and healthy eating; thus, these physicians have a chance to improve the health and longevity of patients by circumventing sickness in the first

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