The Importance Of Mistakes In Decision Making

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One thing everyone on earth has in common been the indisputable fact we have all made our fair share of unfortunate decisions. No one who has not made a bad decision, and who is either in being honest, or someone who avoids deciding at all costs. Making the right decisions is a skill set that needs to be developed. All leaders are not created equal when it comes to the capability of their deciding skills. Nothing will test leadership courage more than ability to make decisions. Leaders fail because they prefer poor alternative that leads to bad decisions. The result of a leader’s decisions can, and usually will, make or smash them. Even manager that don’t fail make bad decisions on time-to-time. When leaders reflect back on the bad decisions they have made, it’s not that they were incapable of making the right decision, but for whatever reason they failed to use prudent decision method.
The first input in understanding how to make great decisions is learning how to synthesize the vast amount incoming information leaders must deal with, while making the best decisions possible in a timely style. The key to dealing with the voluminous amounts
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Black hat wearing is thinking why something may not work. It allows them to consider their proposals critically and logically. Mistakes in decision can be disastrous. Black hat is the most worn hats and perhaps the most helpful one. Putting on the black hat is being Caution, used too early in the problem solving process, on issue that easily kill creative ideas with early negativity. The black hat thinking is mostly used to reveal, why the idea does not fit the facts, or the available experience, or the system in use. By wearing black hat decision makers might consider the Costs, Regulations, Design, Materials and Safety issues before making decisions ( Kamal, S. Birdi,,2005; Edward De Bono, (1985 )

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