The Importance Of Self-Promotion Strategies

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Introduction When promoting one-self as a designer, it is very crucial to hone your branding expertise. As you think about it and ponder over it, it might seem like common sense and a very easy task to accomplish; however, self-promotion can be more challenging than you think. It involves much more than just organising your portfolio, may it be a published hard copy or digital. Proper self-promotion requires an understanding of the market, latest approaches and outreach programs and different platforms to set foot let alone compete in an ever-demanding market. This report is just about that. Its about DISCESSIO, a self-promoting brand by Disha Makhijani. It is a detailed account of the brand itself, what it stands for and its current and…show more content…
Listed on the next page are a couple of niche markets that DISCESSIO targets, and also why. Branding for young entrepreneurs aged 25 to 50 There are quite a lot of youngsters today who come up with ideas for different businesses. These young entrepreneurs always need a design company to conceptualise their ideas and execute them into beautifully designed brands. These small companies themselves depend completely on social media to market their businesses and therefore their outreach is quite noticeably far. Packaging design for small retail companies Small retail companies come up with new products to market almost everyday and therefore need to outsource their product packaging to other design companies. Such products go on the shelves of their outlets or online stores and therefore our designs go directly in front of the eyes of the consumer. Branding and digital marketing for stay-at-home moms Housewives and homemakers have more free time on their hands with the advance in technology nowadays. Most of them are starting small businesses and they need designers to handle their branding and digital…show more content…
This communicates your design skills to your target client base. Well-designed marketing and promotional strategies ensure long-term success, bring in more customers and ensure profitability for businesses. Short Term Strategy Social Media The most fastest way to reach your clients is through the internet. With the advance in technology and so many new platforms of social media getting introduced to society, it is the easiest mode to reach out to your clients. There is a different target audience to be captured on every different platform of social media. Listed below are a couple of social media platforms that DISCESSIO is generating buzz on. Instagram Instagram is the new “IT” social media platform. We expect most of our clients to contact us here. The target client base on Instagram starts young, from the age of 13 to the age of 50, every other person uses Instagram, which is why this is our preferred social media platform. The image below exhibits DISCESSIO’s Instagram feed.

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