Homosexuality: The Influence Of Sexuality In Society

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Sexuality is not something one is born with or something that comes naturally. Sexuality is learned from differing social and cultural interactions, which build from one’s basic physiological instinct. Humans are born with basic sexual potentials, but society helps to form their resultant sexuality. At the biological level, humans house various erotic zones that act as the baseline of sexuality. Sexual practices are socially and culturally adopted, based off of these zones, which lead to learned sexuality. Sexuality becomes a social need, which results in newfound sexual desires. In a society, humans tend to sexually organize people based on their sex and gender relations. Sex, including both sexual thoughts and the actual physical activity, …show more content…

This is how heterosexual hegemony came to be, which lead to those who defied the ‘normal’ sexuality (homosexuals) to be known as perverted, sick, and criminal. This State approach relies on capitalism and the related patriarchy, who decide the regulations of class relations, such as cultural norms, social identities, and sexualities. The cultural revolution has occurred because of the making of social, cultural, and political forms of hegemony, meaning a certain class has exerted power over others by convincing others that their way is ‘normal’ and ‘natural’. Hegemony is never exclusive to one ruling class, since it constantly needs to be re-obtained. The hegemonic group maintains power by incorporating the desires of the groups they rule over, so they eventually conform to the interests of the ruling group. The hegemonic group defines their culture as the dominant culture and tries to impede the development of other cultures. Since the emergence of homosexual activity, heterosexual hegemony has been established, oppressing and resisting the homosexual community. Heterosexual hegemony has made the heterosexual identity the norm, through family relations, media, the church, and school systems, which has lead to the bashing of the gay/lesbian community, in an attempt to force people into heterosexuality. Throughout history, heterosexual hegemony has been challenged, but it has always persevered, despite the many internal contradictions. In heterosexual hegemony, gay and lesbian people can only be considered subordinates, in that they are still the ‘deviant’ subject. Heterosexual hegemony and the oppression of certain sexual relations, are imperative to the organization of class, State, gender, and race

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