Persuasive Speech On Trail Running

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The sport I choose is trail running
This is long distance running through forests, up mountains and along rugged terrain. Trail running consists of running as well as climbing and jumping.
The main aspects of fitness required are
• Strength: the ability to lift your own body weight while climbing
• Speed: the ability to sprint between obstacles and along flat ground
• Flexibility: The ability to attain large ranges of motion at the joints to make it easier to manipulate around or over obstacles.
• Agility: The ability to make quick movements(changing direction) to have quick speed through obstacles
• Coordination: the ability to move the body in sync and under control (foot placement)
• Stamina:
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Functional exercises incorporate multiple muscle groups into a single movement and stress the neuromuscular system.

Step 2
Apply stress to the muscular system by performing six to 12 repetitions per exercise. Choose a weight that becomes challenging at the end of the set.

Step 3
Use sets of one to five repetitions with full recovery between sets to improve the body’s neural efficiency.

Step 4
Rest and recover between workouts. A general rotation of three days on with one day off is one of the most effective methods for increasing weight to strength ratio. Your body uses the time between workouts to repair damaged tissues and become stronger.

Although I have only written ways to improve endurance, body weight to strength ratio and agility it does not mean that you must not work on the other aspects of fitness to become a better trail runner. To be good at something you must excel at every single aspect of it and the only way to do that is to constantly practice practice and more practice.

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