The Internet: Advantage And Disadvantages Of The Internet

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Kirk Nathaniel I. Estoque

Advantage and Disadvantages of Internet

What is internet? Internet is a worldwide connection of computer systems over a massive network. Internet is widely used by all types of people such as kids, students, workers, businessman and etc. It has so many uses too; you could almost do whatever you want such as talking to your friends, learning new stuffs, and you could also shop online. Internet is really a necessity; it is already hard even if it is cut just for a day or two right? However, internet also have unwanted elements.

What are the advantages if internet? The internet can let a person to communicate with other people online in any parts of the world virtually. The internet made it possible to send a message to any parts of the world through online or any messaging application and the message is sent in matter of seconds. Every companies are now using e-mail in business that’s why internet is really needed. And in internet has so many kinds of information just like this assignment, in fact I used internet to find some articles that I could study just for the sake of this reaction paper. Internet contains so many information you could find with the use of search engines such as google or yahoo. And lastly and the best of all advantages is entertainments. Downloading games or just surfing the websites are some of its uses. Even celebrities are now using internet for advertisements or campaigns. Besides that, there are numerous games
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