The Kite Runner Book Review Essay

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• Author: The Author of the book “The Kite Runner” is Khalid Hosseini. I have heard about him before, but I never got to read any of his books before.
• Genre: The book “The Kite Runner” is a work of fiction and drama. I personally think that people who tend to have issues with their parents, including teenagers, Muslims, both Shia and Sunni, rich and poor people, and finally friends who are really connected to each other would be really interested in reading this book. Moreover, I do not really read many historical fiction novels, however, this book is very unique and prodigious and I am genuinely impressed by it.
• Title: The title definitely plays a huge role in a book; it is basically the art of the novel. Do you ever read a title that
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I noticed that the city had a mosque in the back. The cover of the book can most likely be considered dark and deep because of the choice of the colors and the background. I believe that the cover of the book is really important because I would not want to read a book with a boring picture or background. As a result, the cover of the book “The Kite Runner” grabbed my attention and I could not wait to start reading it. There are not really any pictures in the book other than the cover, yet, the details in the book made the picture already created in my…show more content…
His age, characteristics, personality, beliefs, and attitude completely changed into positive, while before there were clearly some negative thoughts. Amir becomes colorblind, race blind, and religion blind. The novel “The Kite Runner” is Khaled Hosseini’s first novel. Common themes in the novel most likely are; the search for identity, the effect of politics on private lives, guilt of past events, and tension between a father and a son. The book truly fascinated me emotionally. I feel so connected to the novel since I am a Muslim who grew up in a similar
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