The Lady Or The Tiger Short Story

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Once upon time, there was a princess who lived in a faraway castle. She never left her room in the highest tower several reasons. For one, she has feared that the people of the village would judge based on her attributes. Secondly, she feared the thought of interacting with others. Thirdly, she believed she was just too anxious of a princess to rule over the village when the time would come. Lastly, her room and the courtyard of the palace is her comfort zone. She could not dream of ever leaving this safe and comforting environment, till the day her father commanded her to attend the village gathering. Little did the princess know, her father was showing off his daughter for the eligible men in the village who qualified in status for her hand in marriage. The night before the trip in town, the princess laid in bed. Thoughts racing through her head, thinking of every possibility that could go wrong tomorrow. As the seconds ticked by she became more and anxious at the thought of meeting the whole village, let alone her future husband. Just this thought sent hit her brain with a new wave of questions. Will he think I am believe? Will he be happy? Will he be understanding of my worrisome personality? The princess could not stop the questions from flying in and out of her brain. Finally, after analyzing several scenarios that could happen tomorrow, …show more content…

Her heart racing, palms sweating, stomach in knots, and her body trembling with worry. She could not believe the night has ended and morning was here. The princess heard her father approaching her, instantly she pretended to be sick to get out of going to this silly village gather. Certainly her father could just find a guy without her presence. Yes, the princess thought, that is the best way to get out having to feel my bubble. When the king entered to the room and the princess explained to her father about her plan, he just simply laughed and said you are just like your

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