Julius Caesar Legacy Essay

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Legacy Many people live on in legacies some good some bad but other people change the world with their legacies. For example, Caesar whose death brought along a civil war that changed Rome forever. Another person who changed the world after her death is Anne Frank. These are some ways these two people changed the world even though they weren’t there to see it. Julius Caesar to some he was a great man to others “he doth bestride the narrow world. Like a colossal.” It was this conflict that brought upon Caesar’s death and Rome’s civil war. While the plebeians loved Caesar many noblemen such as Cassius did not. When they killed him they didn’t realize how much it would affect Rome. Caesar affected the war too. Brutus had a dream in which Caesar said he would “meet him at philipi” where the battle took place. …show more content…

Even though Anne suffered horrible acts in her life “I believe people are really good at heart,” she kept her optimistic spirit throughout the horrors she witnessed and documented. After the war her father Otto Frank was the only one of her family still alive. So when they found Anne’s journal they published it to tell the world the horrors of the holocaust. Anne’ diary is still read and taught in schools today. These people left behind something to change the world with. Anne with her book and Caesar his legacy. While these might not be the only ways to change the world. They are good

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