The Martin Pollak Project, Inc.: A Case Study

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The administrative structure for the program I am interning for in treatment foster care. The program is structure is that of a traditional hierarchical pyramid. The Director of Treatment Foster Care is Brenda Kess. Next, Treatment Foster Care Supervisors are Justine Jai Roberts and William Frazier. Then, the social workers are Katrina Carroll, Jill Epstein-Molter, Latoya Lowe, Kassmeir Smith and Delita Galanos. At the bottom of the pyramid are support staff: crisis interventionist: Jae Curtis and case manager associate Natalie Daniels. The Martin Pollak Project, Inc. is ethically and legally required to accept and serve regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc. This agency purposely hires different staff members that are racially and ethnically diverse. In the past and currently the Martin Pollak Project, Inc. has maintained a multiracial/multicultural staff that is representative of the clients they serve. There is no discrimination at all towards…show more content…
is a 501(c)(3) and its funded through the state government. The Department of Human Resources has a yearly contract that is required from the agency. The Martin Pollak Project, Inc has to issue a statement of interest, programing, and a budget every year to re-contract with the Department of Human Resources, upon approval. They are provided a bundled rate sensitive to the number of youth clients. Other sources of funds include sending proposals to to foundations that service child welfare organizations, as well as soliciting private and corporate donations. The agency is defunded by the state intent to keep children out of foster care and pushing them out if they are already in. If the census is depressed then operational funds are depressed. Money can not be taken from direct service, so administrative funds are affected. The solution would be to separately fund administrative services and service delivery so that the agency 's ability to function effectively is not

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