The Negative Effects Of The Sun On The Sun

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Sun a star that is the center of the solar system. The sun is made out of hot plasma and has magnetic fields. The sun is 100 or maybe a little more times bigger than the earth, that is really big!. For some people it just looks like a yellow or orange round ball. But the sun is more than that it keeps life going. Plants grow we grow. The sun gives us vitamin D. In class we talked about what would happen if the sun stopped, i said that in a certain years people would die or commit suicide. Thats how important it is for some of us. The earth covers 98.7% of the of the suns UV radiation. The 2.3 percent that does come is positive and negative. The positive is that the UV radiation has vitamin D, that helps strengthen our bones so we get strong. And also sometimes prevents some cancers, like one of them colon cancer. The negative effect of UV radiation is that it can cause cancers and that if you have like moles or freckles those can also be infected, even those can get cancer. The most affect people get from UV rays; is sunburn, sunburn is not pleasant to have it hurts so badly. Your skin gets a sunburn when UV rays damage your skin cells. Your blood tries to heal it and thats why your sunburned area gets so red. UV rays also cause damage with your eyes. The surface of your eye can get damaged by The sun but also the sunbeds because they have the same light. The most terrifying thing to a woman is to look old. The UV rays can make you look older than you are, they can make

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