The Negative Impact Of Social Media In Society

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Social Media Social media is website/online media for communication with other people in around the world. Nowadays humans can’t be separated from social media because social media has many benefits that facilitate / assist human work in various ways. But social media give many negative effects to users. Such as anti-social.With the social media makes people difficult to communicate with others,because they think it is easier to communicate by using via chat for the example: whatsapp,line,etc. And it lowers the quality of closeness with other that makes relationship awkward. The next negative impacts is bullying.Bullying is a deviant behavior that aims to vilify a person’s good name deliberately so that victim feels threatened…show more content…
This is indeed rampant in any field.The internet didn't escape the attack of fraudsters. Playing social media continuously will lead to addiction that makes us lazy to do activities including learning because the number of online games also make them forget about everything they have to do and consequently is they have problems with value in school. And also social media makes us become wasteful, because many of its online shop that sells a very good variety of goods with very cheap price and facilitate people who are busy with all activities to buy an item. In addition to bringing negative impacts of social media also brings positive impact that facilitate human work in various fields. With the social media makes it easier for humans to communicate with relatives or family living far away even abroad and easily accessed wherever and…show more content…
With the social media we are also easier to add friends across the Country. Ease people who run a business because with a new friend to make them establish cooperative relationships and make their business more rapidly growing. And also by adding new friends around the world we can use to add insight, exchange ideas, know each other's culture and the characteristics of each region, and others. It can also hone someone's language skills. For example, learn English by utilizing the call or video call facility provided on social networking sites.
Social media is also a learning media that is very useful for students with this students can learn lessons that they do not understand because in social media there is a video tutor learning that is easily accessed whenever they want. Social media is also used as income field.Dengan develop self creativity, especially among adolescents. Like making video content on youtube about beauty tips, sports, healthy lifestyle and which is now a trend is a daily personal vlog or video game play. From the video content they create, it will get a lot of audience and that's where they get money from the result of their
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