The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton: Character Analysis

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“Opposite attract?” Have you ever heard that saying? In the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, two characters show some similarities, but also differences. The two characters I picked out to compare and contrast are Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade.
Dallas Winston, who is also known as Dally. Dally was originally from New York City. In the novel Dally is described with an elfish face, high cheek bones with animal teeth. His hair was almost white it was so blond. He didn’t like haircuts or putting oil in his hair. He had blue eyes with a hatred of the whole world.
Dally’s personality is tough, gallant, and mean. He has a criminal record longer than of his Greasers friends. When something happens in the town, the cops would always go to Dally first. Dally would take jail time for other people. For instance, Dally took the blame for Two-Bit’s action and goes to jail for him. Johnny tells Ponyboy, “…It was Two-Bit’s that did that. And Dally knew that. But he just took the sentence…That’s gallant” (76). Since Dally is used to being in jail, he took the sentence to help Two-Bit. Dally is very proud of his police record when he tells the girls at the drive-in movie, “You ought to see my record sometime, baby…” (22.) He embarrasses himself …show more content…

When they arrived at the park, a car pulls out with a few Socs. They start to attack Ponyboy and tries to drown him in the fountain. Johnny pulls out his switchblade and kills Bob, the Socs that was drowning Ponyboy. When Ponyboy wakes up, Johnny tells him that he killed Bob. They start to freak out and decides to leave town, but first find Dally for help. Dally gives them fifty dollars and a loaded gun. He tells them to jump on the freight train to Windrixville, go to an abandon church on Jay Mountain and gets a week’s worth of food supply. Dally also tells them that when everything calmed down he would come visit

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