The Outsiders Movie Vs Book

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The Outsiders is an amazing book and movie. The book is better and has a lot more detail than the movie. In the movie we watched, there were several events that did not happen that were in the book. The book and movie have many similarities, but there are more differences distinguished. The main characters in the movie are the same in the book. They include Johnny, Dally, Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry. While there are many similarities in the book and movie the differences are much more prominent. The movie starts different from the book. In the movie, it shows them walking and hanging out during the day, not stepping out into the sun after a movie. And the movie they went to was during the night. Ponyboy, in the movie, looks pretty strong. He does not look as weak as explained in the book. That night, the movie shows, that Johnny’s parents were yelling at each other and you can hear what they are saying. I think the movie better explains how mean Johnny’s parents are in some ways. In the movie it completely skipped the part …show more content…

All the members of the gang have greasy hair, and the story takes place on the same street. Soda works at the same gas station and he is also a drop out of high school. Soda is also the peacemaker out of Darry and Pony. Greasers act the same a lot of the time and the words are basically the same between the book and the movie. The idea of the loss of innocence is still there. Dally is still his immature, jokester, and mean self. In the book and movie they explain Dally getting hardened by prison. The Socs are also the same. Cherry is a Soc, the mean ones ride in a blue mustang, and the Socs that jumped Johnny has the same big rings on. The scene when the Socs beat up Pony and Johnny, and when Johnny kills Bob was exactly the same. Cherry becomes a spy for the Greasers. Pony likes sunsets still and him and Johnny have explained that life is about the loss of

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