The Pros And Cons Of Bullying

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1. Bullying is a behaviour that hurt ones either on the inside or the outside, with an aggressive attitude. (Services, n.d.) Bullying is usually done to help the bully feel bigger, better, stronger, ect. Bullying builds up ones self- image and breaks down another. A bully pick on people that are smaller than them in some way and usually bullies the perpetrator on a regular base. (brim, n.d.)

2. PHYSICAL; Bullying someone to gain power over them. Physical bullying hurts more on the outside than the inside. Physical bullying leaves scares and marks on the outside and inside which means that others know your hurting and help you. Physical bullying include biting, kicking and hitting. (Fraser-Thill , 2014)

• Nick is a Grade 8 student and was physically bullied by his rugby coach. Nick was a very good and experienced rugby player to everyone else but his coach. Nick just couldn’t do anything right. He would get punched for every good thing he did and get kicked for every bad thing he did. Nick had reported this to the principle with bruise as proof but he refused to take responsibility. Nick parents got involved and made a big thing over it. After all the court cases the rugby coach was finally fired with a criminal record . EMOTIONAL; Emotional bullying is also another way to break someone down. Emotional bullying is usually to gain power over someone by pointing out their flaws. This breaks down yourself conscious and makes you feel as if there is something wrong

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