The Pros And Cons Of Counterterrorism

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There is a constant threat to the United States and its citizens in the form of terrorism. Taking the proper steps is crucial to ensure the Homeland stays protected as well as the people that rightfully live in it. There are still many terrorist organizations that have explicitly spoken and wrote about having their ultimate goal to inflict terrorism on the United States. These organizations are being constantly monitored with professionals and counterterrorism agencies. The National Counterterrorism center is one of the leading agencies in gathering intelligence and reporting on potential terrorism activity. This agency folds all the information they gather and acquire and dispenses reports and analysis to send to other appropriate agencies …show more content…

One way all policing agencies could improve is move to more of an intelligence led counterterrorism method. Many of the police departments place very little emphasis on counterterrorism. Outside of the big city, this is an issue that is on the back burner and is referenced here and there. There needs to be educational programs in place for the public as well as the officer on the streets every day. Looking for potential terrorist activity is similar to looking for criminal activity but there are many differences. We need to have officer trainers educating their officers as well as developing programs to educate the general public. Town hall meeting every so often and school assemblies to explain terrorism and many of the facets included in it would be quite …show more content…

Being prepared to investigate these threats in our nation is critical and must be done with the utmost care. Making one particular mistake could let that person go free and potentially put the lives of many people in danger. Early detection of these possible terrorists is a key component to providing the utmost protection to our citizens and the property of this nation as a whole. By evolving the police force and emergency management to include more counterterrorism we will be able to incorporate those ideas legally and accurately. As a nation, we face threats every day. Having the education to see the indicators of those threats with both the general public and the protectors of justice is a major component of making sure the United States is secure and

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