The Pros And Cons Of March Madness

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When it comes to money, there will always be some sort of dispute and differences because that is what people usually work for, which is to live comfortably and support their families. There is a saying that says “money is the motive” and March Madness doesn’t fail to deliver on bringing in the money. The NCAA tournament for men’s collegiate basketball takes place from March to April, and brings in so much money each year for the NCAA. The number one revenue generator for March Madness is Broadcast Rights (Investopedia). CBS agreed to pay the NCAA 16 million dollars a year for broadcast rights (Investopedia). That number has changed dramatically. A new deal was installed in 2010, which was a 4-year, $10.8 billion deal that will achieve $771 …show more content…

Coaches get paid, especially if they win. The following year after a March Madness run, coaches see a bonus or salary increase if their team excels. An example of this would be John Calipari of the University of Kentucky. According to the USA today, Calapari can earn up to $800,000 dollars each year based on the team’s performance (USA today). Basically meaning how far his Kentucky Wildcats go in the NCAA tournament. Referees also get increased pay during the NCAA tournament. Schools can also generate more money. An example of this would be when Kevin Ware of the University of Louisville suffered that gruesome injury during the elite eight game against Duke in 2013. The whole nation seemed to be cheering for Ware and the Louisville cardinals that year. Shirts were being sold that said “Win for Ware.” The shirts were selling pretty well but this became a big debate because it is not allowed for schools to generate money based off a collegiate player’s name by NCAA rules. The shirts were no longer being sold. As previously noted, it seems like everybody gets a piece of the pie, when it comes to the revenue of the NCAA tournament except for the players. This is an ongoing current legal issue that is always going to be debated. College athletes do not make a single penny, even though they go out and showcase their talents, especially during March

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