The Pros And Cons Of Sex Offenders

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Why do sex offender’s receive less punishment for the hurt they cause to children and adults? In most cases there is very little jail time for sex offenders. And for many years, even in today’s society there has been a ongoing problem with sex offenders. According to the book Sentencing Sex Offenders “The U.S.Supreme Court said it bluntly in 2002: “Sex Offender’s are a serious threat in this nation” (Hudson Jr 10). You hear of a child getting kidnaped, raped and even killed by sex offenders. This is a scary situation for children and women in today’s society. The constant fear of, is my neighbour a sex offender, is the pastor of my church or even my child’s school teacher a sex offender.
We cannot tell just by looks if a person is a sex offender. So we need to enforce ways of keeping all the sex offenders known after the first offense. And we need stronger measures to keep them away from the public. I believe that the punishment for sex offenders should be far more severe, than they are …show more content…

When they knowingly have a problem living in society with normal citizens. This is why I think that the punishment for sex offenders needs to meet the crime. In the book Sentencing Sex Offenders it tells of Jacob Erwin Wetterling.
“In October 1989, eight-year-old Jacob, his brother, and a friend rode their bicycles from a local convenience store in their hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri. As the three boys were biking, a masked man with a gun appeared and ordered the boys to drop their bikes and lay facedown on the ground. The abductor allowed Jacob’s brother and the friend to run away, but kept Jacob. To this day, Jacob and the abductor’s whereabouts are unknown. This crime led to the federal congressional passage in 1994 of the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children Sex Offender Registration Act or Jacob’s Law” (Hudson Jr

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