Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Food

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Part 1) What are your thoughts? Pros? Cons? And/or anything else you can positively contribute to a discussion? Cite specifics. (300+ words - 10 points) I personally haven’t not really pay attention to what contain in food before. And I hadn’t heard of GMO until I read chapter 3 lecture. It is shocking to me to see the statistic from the lectures PowerPoints, videos, and articles. GM food first introduced into the food industry in 1996. At first I thought that genetic modified food is a good change in the food industry because GMO food is combined genes and DNA of different food. This change will create variety of food, cost cheaper, increase shelf life of some food, and decrease some diseases for some plants. These are all the plus side …show more content…

However, he also stated that we pay much more for other stuff in order to make that certain food. Cheap foods bring many harmful effects in fossil crisis, healthcare, and greenhouse. Pollan pointed out that 20% of fossil fuel is used to make food, and 500 billion dollars are spent on healthcare. And it is true that more and more people nowadays are obese compared to the past. However, we can’t ignore the fact that our lives today depend on technology. People demand for something that work efficiently with less cost and less energy. We are growing up in the society where people compete with each other to success. They might prefer to spend more time in other stuff than focus to what they eat. Pollan encouraged people to eat more plants because plants cost less fossil fuel than other food. But plants are not that safe either especially GMO. Even though it might not cost that much in fossil fuel to make GMO but we have to pay much greater cost for the ecosystem. On the other hand, plants are more expensive than other food. A bowl of salad is more expensive than a Big Mac. People might choose Big Mac because it is less expensive, tastier, and have more calories. Moreover, U.S. government subsidized meat production a …show more content…

video clip/quiz. (200+ words - 4 points) According to the article, “Save the Monarch Butterfly,” the author claims that Monarch butterfly is in danger due to the fact that milkweed habitat is not available. And the loss of milkweed is due to intensive agriculture and other factors. Monarch butterfly came from Mexico and through many generations, they are now at America and Canada. State of Monarch encourage people to help out. They suggest people to plant milkweeds at home and other places in order to create more space for monarch butterfly. Monarch butterfly will bring a lot of beneficial into our lives including pollination and natural pest control. The video, “Dinner’s Ready: Let’s Talk About Sustainable Food,” shows the scenes of people gathering together and have a meal. It advertises people to join the online community to discuss about the food that are consumed by human. The topics about food whether the location where it is from, how it is made, how it is consumed, and what it does to the

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