The Pros And Cons Of The Watergate Scandal

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If we go back to the past, there are many scandalous things that the government has had done, from the Teapot Dome Scandal to when Carnegie & Rockefeller put a man for president so that they can get more money to the Bill Clinton appeasement and wars that the citizens of the U.S do not approve of. There is probably one event that many people may think is worse and that is the Watergate Scandal. Watergate showed the many flaws that the government had at the time Many people do not know why Watergate occurred when Richard Nixon was leading in many states through his reelection campaign in 1972, he won every single state except Massachusetts basically he was destined to be president again (Hughes). Nixon was already a popular choice as a president as many people liked him because he was slowly removing troops from the not liked war that was the,Vietnam War. Many people of the United States have heard about Watergate and how Nixon is involved, he had a lot of public support from people all over the country for his efforts with dealing of the Vietnam War and other foreign affairs. When the …show more content…

“Campaign finance laws were enacted. Ford's Rockefeller Commission, which conducted a limited review of domestic CIA operations, was overtaken by the much more aggressive Church Committee and other post-Watergate Congressional investigation”(Watergate). All the reforms were good for the country but there is still a sense of lack of faith or no faith in the government. (PBS). One positive about the Watergate scandal is that the government showed that even when a president does the impossible like a Saturday Night Massacre when he fired everyone that was important to the trial, that he is still going to get caught. That the government the way it is set up will always find a way to fix itself and not antyone power hungry become

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